Web automation, simplified.

Automate web data extraction with AI. Record your workflow, then let your AI copilot handle the rest.

Create your first extraction in under a minute.

Set an entry point.
Quickly define how you want the automation to start.

Speck learns from your workflows.
Perform your workflow once, and let Speck observe and learn what to do. No more breakages when a site changes.

Speck can intelligently extract data from the site.
Define a single or repeated entries and the data you want extracted.

Configure once, run anywhere at any time.
Run alongside you in the browser, or completely asynchronously in a secure remote browser.

Record your workflow, then let your AI copilot handle the rest.

Browser automations require development overhead.

Low code tools take a while to figure out, and scripts take time to write.

Speck allows you to quickly define and run your workflows. Show it once, and let it run anytime, anywhere.

Automations are difficult to maintain.

Pages and elements change all the time, and you need to keep your workflows up to date.

Speck automatically repairs automations when the underlying page changes, or an unexpected flow occurs.

Many workflows are specific to a company.

Current solutions can fail or not result in the desired outcome.

Define your own workflow. No more waiting on an automation to be developed.




Custom Workflow Automation

Train Speck to handle any online task sequence, then run on autopilot.

Web Data Supercharger

Guide Speck to extract and compile data from multiple sites into reports.

Smart Browser Navigation

Speck learns your browsing patterns and offers shortcuts to frequented pages.

Intelligent Form Filler

Speck auto-completes forms based on your past entries and can suggest optimizations.

Interactive Web Tutorials

Speck can guide you step-by-step through complex web tasks, adapting to your pace.

Dynamic Task Scheduler

Set when and how often Speck should run your workflows, even while away.

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